Tips for Bringing an Online Portfolio to a Job Interview

Tell me if this has ever happened to you: The morning of your job interview, you’re tremendously stressed because you desperately need to print out your massive, very colorful portfolio. The printer jams, you run out of ink, you got a new computer and haven’t installed the printer before today (oh, that was just me?).

Tips for Bringing a Digital ePortfolio to a Job interview


Printing my portfolio before a job interview caused so much panic and stress that it set the tone for a very manic day ahead. That is definitely not where you want to be when you’re interviewing.

Recently, I was on a hiring committee and we asked our interviewers to bring a digital portfolio (also known as an ePortfolio or electronic portfolio). Seeing so many successfully executed variations encouraged me to bring my own digital ePortfolio to my next interview.

Reasons to Bring an ePortfolio to Your Next Interview:

  • It shows you have a strong sense of technology and trends.
  • It’s impressive AF that you have your own website. I’m dumbfounded by how many career professionals and job searchers don’t have their own website. 
  • Once you upload your portfolio items to your website, you never have to worry about locating them ever again. They stay in one place.
  • After the interview, you can send employers a link, allowing them to further explore your skills and expertise.
  • No more printing! Sometimes you interview with multiple people and have to print out multiple copies of your portfolio.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview using an ePortfolio

If you want to bring your portfolio to the interview, here are a few tips on making the process smooth and successful:

  • Confirm that they will have a computer/projector available (this is pretty common), or bring a tablet, if you have one.
  • Customize your portfolio to each employer, similar to the way you tailor a cover letter and resume. An easy way to do this is to create a unique URL for each employer (ex.
  • Create a description to give each portfolio item some context (see my screenshot below)
  • Don’t get bogged down by layout. Having a super-flashy design is nice, but only necessary for people working in a highly-visual industry (graphic design, fashion, etc). The most important thing is to keep it clean and readable.
ePortfolio Examples
A screenshot from my eportfolio with a description of each item.

Tech can sometimes add a certain level of complication to things.It’s very unlikely you will encounter a tech error, but if you do, it should be on their end (ex. internet service issues, no computer in the room, etc). Whatever the reason, make sure your end is bulletproof. Here’s how:

  • Test your ePortfolio on multiple browsers to make sure it’s rendering properly.
  • Pull up your portfolio on your phone as a last resort.
  • Use a reputable web-hosting provider to eliminate unexpected downtime (you can read about creating a portfolio with Bluehost here).

City Ambition readers can start their own digital portfolio through Bluehost for less than $4 a month. Click the image below to get started.

Going into my interview without a bulky, printed portfolio was such a relief. I hope this encourages you to try out a digital portfolio. 

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Featured image courtesy of hamonazaryan1 on Pixabay

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