NYC Summer Adventure: Queens County Farm Museum

Summer is finally here and New Yorkers are finally emerging from their homes in search of sun, grass, and respite from the concrete heat.

I dragged a few of my friends out for a summer weekend adventure. We embarked on a search for greener pastures, literally, with a trip to Queens County Farm.

Queens County Farm Museum Tractor

I’ve always been enchanted with farms, and when I found out Queens has its own farm filled with  gardens, pastures, and a variety of farm animals, I knew I wanted to visit.

Queens County Farm Museum Sheep

With more than 40 acres to mosey around and explore, the farm was a nice opportunity to leave the hectic pace of the city and expereince something a little more tranquil.

Queens County Farm Museum

The Queens County Farm was established in 1697, making it the longest continually-operating farm in New York State and the largest tract of farmland in New York City. It has survived four domestic wars, houses a historic Dutch farmhouse, and provides sustainable produce to New York City restaurants and food centers.

Queens County Farm Museum Alpaca

Admission to the Queens County Farm Museum is free, but you’ll want to splurge on some hay to feed the animals, who are so enthusiastic about it. The goats were particularly keen on our red bucket of hay.

Queens County Farm Museum Goats

The farm also has cows, ponies. and pigs. Depending on when you visit, they also offer pony rides for children and a petting zoo. I really want to check out their giant corn maze that opens in the fall.

The trip to the farm was quite a trek. It’s not easily accessible by public transportation, so we took a car. But getting out there for a few hours was an important retreat into an environment I don’t get to experience very often. A change of scene is always good for the soul. And of course, any interaction with animals is always a joyful experience.

Queens County Farm Museum 1

Being able to take a quick day trip to a rural farm life fantasy, and then spend the evening back in New York having a casual drink with friends is a nice balance to have in life.

*Special thanks to my friend Kyle who provided photos for this post.

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