Make Some Extra Cash with these Fun Side Hustles

We’ve all been there. We splurged a little too hard on that new Kate Spade clutch and all the sudden it’s the first of the month and we’re scrambling to come up with rent. It happens to the even the fiercest of girl bosses. And now you’re asking yourself: “How to make money in NYC?”

But listen girl, I’ve got you. Bosses make money. And that’s just what you’re going to do.

Need Money Fast in NYC? Try these fun side hustles!

To make that happen, I’ve rounded up five of the best (and, ahem, reputable) ways to make some quick and fun cash in NYC. They’re easy gigs to land and can help get you cash quickly.

Five Ways to Make Quick Cash in NYC

Dog Walking

Can you just imagine walking around the city in a sundress walking an adorable puppy? Companies like Swifto hire walkers all around Manhattan. The application process is pretty quick and simple. You’ll soon be on your way to walking an adorable pooch down the streets of the city. If you love animals, another option is to host a pet for an overnight stay with pet sleepover services.


TaskRabbit is an online marketplace for people looking to hire freelance labor to complete miscellaneous tasks and projects. Their main categories are things like being a handyman, cleaning, or running a few errands, but you can also find fun gigs like being a personal assistant or shopper. My friend was even able to bake a cake once! TaskRabbit gives you the flexibility of picking your gigs on your own time and even in your own neighborhood. I loved this article on the lives of a few elite taskers. (Bonus: The company was founded by a woman!)

Mystery Shopping

Ok, so I know a few mystery shoppers and I’ll go ahead and say it doesn’t pay that well. But, I do know a few women who have done it as a side gig and they’ve put the money they’ve made and paid off their credit cards or started a healthy savings. All good things. The best part about being a mystery shopper is you get a lot of free things! Like, one time my roommate and I dined on free pizza. Another friend of mine got to keep a really nice wallet from Brooklyn Industries. Or sometimes you get to try on clothes from designers you could never afford to wear, but it’s fun to try them on. Be on the lookout for scams, because the mystery shopping industry has a lot of them. The Mystery Shopping Providers Association has a list of legit organizations and here’s a really great article on how to become a mystery shopper and all the details you need to know.


Being a babysitter or a nanny can be so lucrative and fun in New York. You’re often paid to walk around the city and take kids to different events. Seems like a total blast. I once had a roommate who would travel the world as a family’s nanny. They also bought him a whole new wardrobe because they didn’t like how he dressed (take from that what you will). But it’s tough to get hired in this business unless you already have some experience in the city. Websites like SitterCity and can help you get a start and match you with the right family.

Temp Agencies

While temporary employment agencies don’t offer benefits or paid holidays, they are a good place to look into if you need money quickly. Usually you can get work within a week and your first paycheck comes just a week after that. Temp work comes with the benefit of gaining experience in an office-setting, possibly in the field you hope to turn into your career. It also pays higher than most gig work. But please don’t get comfortable and stay too long. It’s sick that temp agencies and the clients they serve can get the equivalent of a full-time employee for pennies. Get the money and experience you need as a temp, apply for full-time salaried jobs, and get out. They may promise you a full-time job after a few months of employment, but I know so many people who have been working as temps for more than a year. It’s in their financial benefit to keep you as a temp. Don’t let them take advantage of you (this happened to me).

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I hope this list helps you feel a little bit more secure about where your can get quick sources of income in New York. Don’t forget to check out things like Craigslist Gigs for more ideas (just be on the lookout for scams, or anything asking you to take your clothes off).

What about you? Do you have any ideas of making some extra cash in New York?


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    This is such a great list! And I appreciate the honest when it comes to being a mystery shopper. It’s always tempting to apply to every mystery shopper ad I see but the reality of being scammed is too real. Thanks for sharing legit companies!

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      I know people who have personally mystery-shopped and it seemed ok. You just have to vet them. I love your blog style!

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