Five Places to Go for “Me” Time in NYC

Being a boss in New York can really wear a gal down. And finding some alone time is tough, especially if you’re like most twenty-something women in NYC and have a roommate or three. As a die-hard introvert, I know how necessary it is to have some time to yourself. When I need time away from the noise, stress, and excitement of the city, I have to go somewhere, just for a few hours, where I can breath. Do you know that feeling?

So, today I’m sharing with you my five favorite spots to go to when I really need a break from everything. Most of these places are private, quite, and perfect for being alone. Just don’t tell everyone, ok?

Five Places to Go for Alone Time in NYC

Sometimes you just need time to yourself. Check out these great places for alone time in NYC! Just don't tell everybody.

The Ramble at Central Park

If what you need is some sun and some nature to ground you, the Ramble at Central Park are it. Even though it’s only 36-acres in the heart of New York, it feels like you’re miles away from the city. You can walk along sprawling paths lined with trees, bushes, and flowers that make this forest garden feel serene and endless.

King Spa, New Jersey

Technically, this isn’t in NYC, but it’s really easy to get to because they have shuttle service from NYC. Look, I shouldn’t even be telling you about this because it feels like one of those “best kept secrets” type things, but King Spa is the ultimate, hold-everything, “my-life-is-a-mess-right-now-and-I-just- need-a-damn-break” place to go. And it’s sooo much cheaper than Spa Castle (they always have Groupons!). At the spa, spend the day slipping into hot tubs and saunas, or splurging on a massage. Bring a book, take a nap, and enjoy some amazing Bi Bim Bap. Really. This place is perfect.

The Met/The Met Cloisters

If you’re feeling like what you need is a bit of culture and art to feel complete, channel your inner Blair Waldorf and head to the Met. The hallways are filled with the cultural history of mankind and have an openness about them that’s hard to find in NYC. It’s easy to feel alone and unobserved when you’re staring intently at beautiful works of art. Have lunch on the rooftop, which has a stunning view of the city. And if you’re looking a place that’s truly remote, head up to The Cloisters.

Bike the West Side Highway

If sweating out your worries is your jam, grab your bike and hit the West Side Highway. You will likely encounter pedestrians in mid and south Manhattan but this seaside bike path starts in lower Manhattan and takes you up all the way to Fort Tryon Park (190th Street), where it’s particularly isolated. The best part? No cars and very few stop lights. It’s truly amazing.

See an Artsy Film at an Independent Theater

I fondly recall a moment when I just wanted to get away from it all. I didn’t want to go home. I didn’t want to go to work or hang out with anyone. So I walked into the IFC Cinema and watched a beautifully done French film during the middle of the day. It was glorious. I was one of only a handful of people in the theater (as close to alone as you can get in NYC). It was dark and cool, just perfect for a laugh or a cry. I came out feeling completely refreshed. Bonus: Seeing a show alone means you don’t have to share the popcorn!

All right, New Yorkers, I spilled my favorite places for alone time. Now you tell me yours! Where do you go for some personal time in the city?


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    Lovely post! When I need some personal time alone, I usually go somewhere close at sea <3

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      Yes, me too! Fortunately, there’s lots of opportunity for that in New York.

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    that is why I love big cities when I visit because they have so much to do

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    Good one! This is really important for us New Yorkers to remember.

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