City Weekend: Doughfest!

If you follow me on social media, you saw that it was overtaken with donuts this weekend! A very sweet weekend indeed.


I met up with a friend of mine in Manhattan and we headed to Doughfest. New Yorkers are big into food festivals and Doughfest did not disappoint! Bacon even made an appearance.


My favorite doughnut was the brown butter fleur de seul from David Burke Kitchen. Seriously the best thing I’ve ever tasted.


The event was held at Marquee New York night club, which was definitely an odd choice. The music was loud and the lights were low –  I guess to hide everyone stuffing their faces.


But really, the low lighting meant everyone had blurry Instagram photos.  Womp Womp.


After a few tastes and a cup of Sweetleaf iced coffee, we began to feel like we were in some sugar-drug night club. It was just a little too much for a Saturday afternoon.

So yes, this post is really just an excuse to post photos of all the yummy things I ate this weekend, but I also learned a valuable lesson – there is such a thing as too many doughnuts. After about one and a half, I discovered I couldn’t eat any more. Everyone has their limits. 

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