How to Find a Cheap Blowout or Stylist in NYC

Thanks to horrible childhood experiences at Super Cuts, I have a lot of anxiety about getting my hair cut. When I moved to New York and had to find a stylist, it wasn’t that I was worried that I couldn’t find a talented one, but I was worried I couldn’t afford it. The salons in my neighborhood offered haircuts starting at $80 and I couldn’t even imagine paying for color jobs that started at $150 for a single process. I knew I had to start looking around to find cheap stylists and cheap blowouts in NYC.

How to find Cheap Blowouts in NYC


Two months ago, I took the plunge and dyed my hair platinum blonde and love it!  It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while. It took nine hours to bleach and tone my full head, but my stylist came to my house and it made the whole experience so much better. We watched Netflix, drank beer, and even had a pizza break. But how was I able to afford a stylist who makes house calls in NYC?

How to find a cheap hairstylist in NYC

I met my stylist by complete chance as she was training to be a colorist at the Arrojo School. I needed to retouch my balayage and she was such a pro at it, I asked her if she’d be interested in cutting my hair sometime. She was graduating soon so she suggested we do it at her place. We exchanged numbers and she has been cutting and coloring my hair out of her house or my house ever since!

How to find a cheap stylist in NYC

There are a lot of places across New York where you can meet really talented stylists in training or professionals who can do your hair on the cheap. Here’s my list:

Arrojo School Salon

I choose the Arrojo School Salon because of their reasonably priced haircuts and color processes. Your hair is done by a student, so expect it to take longer than planned, but they’re closely monitored by teachers and don’t do any cutting or dying without consulting them first.

Dramatics NYC

Dramatics is a chain of salons with an artistic flare. Their normal cuts with master stylists are very reasonable, but they offer free cuts with their students on certain days! Call the salon to find out when they offer free cuts.

Aveda Institute

The Aveda Institute offers a full menu of salon services, including waxing, facials, and blow outs ($10!). I think their prices for cuts are very reasonable, but their color jobs are a bit higher than the cost of Arrojo’s or something you could find on Salon Apprentice.

Salon Apprentice

Salon Apprentice is a website that connects apprentices (not students) at high-end salons with hair models. You can volunteer to be a hair model and get free or insanely discounted cuts, dyes, and even cheap blowouts in NYC.

Chinatown Salons

If you are looking for just a basic cut or a good, cheap blowout and nothing fancy try Yelping a salon in Chinatown. My friend tipped me off to this salon where she had a great experience at a cheap price. I can’t speak for their color services, but you can also stop in to many of these for a cheap head massage and blow out.


What are you tips? Have you found a really amazing, cheap stylist  or blowout in New York? Please share!


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    Haha I totally went the Chinatown route (and found a guy I loved until he moved to a salon on the UES!), and have also done one of those Japanese hair schools, which cost $25…not bad!

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      I’ve never done the Chinatown route, but my stylist is an apprentice and about to graduate, so I won’t be able to afford her soon… might have to check out Chinatown.

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    This is EXACTLY what I needed. It’s haircut time. I’m very lazy and haven’t had a cut since November…

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      I’m SO glad I was able to help you out! I’m sort of really into hair color/hair cuts, so I go all the time. Without these options, I simply could not afford it. I really do recommend the Arrojo school. They did great work each time I went.

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    This is such a great guide! Thanks for doing your research and sharing it with all of us 🙂

    xo, emma

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    This is awesome! Care to do one for Pittsburgh? 🙂

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      Haha. I’m sure you can find a lot of these options in Pittsburgh as well.

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    YES! Love this. You’ve inspired me to find a less expensive route in atlanta because I’ve always wanted to try!

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      Awesome! You can definitely find a lot of these options in Atlanta as well.

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    I recently used Salon Apprentice to get a FAB razor cut at Bumble & Bumble! I’m obsessed!

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      Oooh. Bumble & Bumble! Way to go! I bet it looks great.

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    What an awesome and useful blog! love it.

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    This is awesome post.I love this style.I am inspired with your blowouts style.Thank you for sharing this post..

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